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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 17, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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breaking news, new development in the san bernardino investigation, and the friend connected to the terror attack. tracking heavy rain today, for now clouds injuries one fog, but showers move our way for the evening commute. local doctor facing charges and a creepy crime, and it isn't the first time he has been accused. the woman who tried to catch them speaks to wbz. the ceo behind the skyrocketing prices of a medication under arrest.
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breaking news, at noon federal prosecutors expected to charge a friend and former neighbor of the san bernardino shooters. good afternoon i am chris mckinnon and i am kathryn hauser, we appreciate you being here. and ricky marquez will be charged with providing guns to the couple who carry out the worst terror attack on us soil since 9 -- 9/11. the charges are expected to be announced later today, marquez the says he thought the ar 15 used by the couple years ago. the let -- the weapons were purchased legally. officials also say marquez and another shooter had been planning an attack in 2012 but they never carried out. 14 people were killed in the san fernando shooting, while -- san fernando shooting while celebrating a holiday party. president obama is expected to travel to california to meet with the victims families and survivors of the attack.
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officer facing poor and -- child born charges, live in the latest, the afternoon bill. >> reporter: this is a disturbing story, petty officer ryan, 32-year-old station here in cape cod. it started sunday when he was in traffic accident and taken to the barracks. they are, he used his cell phone to place a call, to his wife. when he was having trouble making the call he wanted the police officers and troopers make the call. he handed the phone according to court records to a trooper who inadvertently hit a wrong button, wrong icon. up popped child pornography. officers got a search warrant to get into ryan rubs ipad and home and they found hundreds of disturbing photos of children as young as 7 years old in
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performing certain sects acts. he has now been released, and is at the courthouse preparing to await for a ride his home, he is equipped with a bracelet for monitoring his movements. reporting live, i'm bill shields cut wbz news. also at noon, 15-year-old girl hit by a car while trying to catch her school bus. she is recovering according -- according to the school, the crash happened on washington street and took the mirror off the car. the teen is minor injuries but was taken a south shore hospital, no word if charges be filed. keeping an eye in the sky, removing and, a live look over the city of boston. you can see the clouds blanketing the city. >> pamela gardner has your forecast and when you will need the umbrella. the key accessory. >> reporter: you might need it
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drizzle, clouds lowering. overcast conditions, areas of south and west. a couple more hours before steady, heavy rain pushes and, but it will be a damp, dreary afternoon. in westerville, quarter-mile, fog an issue through the evening. even overnight. hour by hour to this afternoon, by 2:30 pm starting to see steady rain and boston, reaching plymouth and showers continue to spread eastward across the state, through this evening 9:00, the evening commute will be tough. temperatures increase to the lower 50s for the rest of the day. coming up in a bed, a dryer day for friday, a chance for a few flurries as we head into the weekend, your forecast in a bit. at noon, it may not feel like winter, but getting ready for when snow arrives. the agency says they are more
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for a closer look at the changes luisa miller is live in milton, what is going on? >> reporter: pamela is talking rain, these guys are talking snow. always talking snow. they say it is about learning lessons from last year, practice , taking out your equipment and trying it, using the new ice anything. >> the sky maybe snow free, in the eyes of the mass department of transportation. >> winter is coming. >> he keeps flexing his muscles, showing off his shovels, and ice melter is that destroyed 120 tons of ice and snow an hour. >> we over 380,000 tons of salt. 750 gallons of liquid deicer. >> 4000 pieces of equipment, and man power.
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the men and women who go without sleep, who work overtime , who wake-up and come out in the storm. >> but highway administrator alone. too. >> when you shovel out your vehicle at home, start with the -- tailpipe. clear snow and ice from windows, lights, put of your vehicle, and the roof of your vehicle. >> the overarching theme of the news conference, if it comes we are ready and if it doesn't. >> there are people in the department who said they will feel like they rented the talks for the prom and then their dates to them up. i'm not one of those people. i'm good with saving the entire snow and ice budget. >> i think a lot of us are in secretary, but they say you have to be careful. we have been in those situations where there is no bad weather, you come home and there snow.
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in your car, deicer, food, warm blankets and things like that. we're getting ready for it, we'll see if it comes. live in milton luisa miller. don't forget you can get your forecast anytime with the cbs boston weather app, up-to- the-minute radar and weather alerts you may need. free in the google play and boston. umass doctor accused of taking pictures of a female student and up bathroom stall has pleaded not guilty. wbz has exclusive information that this is in the first time he is faced allegations like this. doctor marcus cooper ran from our cameras outside court yesterday, in september umass medical is -- student accused him of reaching over the bathroom stall door and taking a picture of her with a cell phone.
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with wbz. distressed. i was shocked. i tried to run after him, but i lost him. >> cooper has been fired from umass, sources tell us he was accused of a similar incident in 1994 when a witness said he used a mirror to peek under a bathroom stall. at the time he was a med student at jon hopkins. he was suspended for a year and had to write an apology letter for the incident. boston police are investigating an overnight stabbing on fremont street, just after 2 am. the victim is expected to survive, so far no arrests have made. developing a new defense -- defense secretary ash carter admitting it was mistake to use the pentagon. jonathan viglio the reports from london. >> reporter: an exclusive interview with cbs news defense secretary ash carter admitted
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personal email for work. >> what i did, i shouldn't have been doing. until a few months ago, i -- i occasionally use my iphone to send administrative messages. >> administrative messages that carter claimed never contained classified information. >> even that i shouldn't of done, when i realize i stopped. i have to hold myself to strict standards, cybersecurity and doing things appropriate. i didn't in this case, it is a mistake, entirely my own. >> carter's admission comes after the new york times use the freedom of information act to obtain 72 work-related emails he sent or received in april. the emails were sent 2 months after carter began his tenure as secretary of defense, he says they continued after hillary clinton came under fire
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secretary of state. jonathan gigliotti cbs news london. new this morning new trouble for the pharmaceutical ceo slammed for raising the price of a lifesaving aids drug. i 5000%. martin shkreli was arrested in new york today on federal security frauds charges. prosecutors say while he was at a biotech company he used the companies cash and stock to sell investor claims from his now-defunct hedge funds. the 32-year-old was dubbed the most hated man in america after raising the price of the drugs from $13-$750 a pill. they fired mbta operator in charge of the runaway red line train is expected to fight for his job. the mbta terminated david vasquez, investigators say he wrapped a phone cards around a lever on the train when he got out to fix a signifier, the train traveled 5 miles without
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on board. vasquez and his attorney say they will appeal and he says why the rush to terminate, what is the hurry. if this is the kind of process for employees what process do they give safety. the union says vasquez denies reading the lever but admits he forgot to set the break when he stepped up at train. a view of the construction collapse, a wooden wall falling on own mother and her little boy and other people walking by. the security video captures the moment it happened. she suffered a fracture in her neck and says her son's stroller may have saved his life. >> i am just asking to my son, what happened, do you have any pain, and he said no, i want to go home. >> you can see her with a neck brace for the fracture in her neck. several people nearby rushed to
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the people it was on, 2 others were seriously hurt. the principle of a high school has resigned, edward remark had been on leave in connection with an investigation into the inappropriate use of school computers. and the lead work -- in a letter to pair -- parents the superintendent said nothing of students. coming up, changing the way you dine out, a longtime boston rule could go out the window, what can mean for your next night on the town. you might enjoy the mild december but the warm weather isn't helping ski slopes. suspending operations. does a 2nd chance really work out for local firefighter? we come back.
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( welcome back, boston wants to lift the ban on byob, bring your beer brews. the city council voted to give smaller restaurants the option to let patrons bring their own one or.. only restaurants with 30 tables or less and be limited to certain neighborhoods. not official yet and new date has been set. >> this afternoon's board of health will vote on raising the legal age for cigarettes and other tobacco products.
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to 21 years old, if approved it could take place in february or march. the state legislature is considering a similar proposal and, decides next year if it will move forward. no secret, an unusually warm december. while some of us enjoy the reprieve from last december new england ski resorts are feeling the heat. it is so warm they can make snow. with christmas temperatures expected to be around 60, there's concerns about the season. when address below 30 the snowmaking sheens are up and running. >> we're 50-50 for saturday, we can get snowmaking friday or saturday or saturday night. let's check the weather right now. 28 for low on friday. 27 for low saturday. that is good, that will do it. >> that is what we need. >> with the forecast i love that. operators are trying to stay
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year december was a quiet month snow wise and we know how winter turned out. the lack of snow has forced one ski resort to close, they haven't been able to make snow a month- long so they are suspending operations until sunday. we're talking about snow here in boston but we're talking about that -- about rain. >> have your umbrella handy, later today it will get worse. it is pretty drizzling gloomy. >> pretty blah out there. and it will continue to be that way. >> that is the word of the day. >> more heavy showers, but since we were talking about ski resorts, your snow forecast looks promising. high temperatures saturday and sunday in the 30s. friday not to much. those that need to make the snow, overnight friday and overnight saturday looks good, temperatures in the 20s for lows. it will feel more like winter for us in boston even though temperatures will be milder. i will show you the weekend
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visibility low in some locations, worcester county, quarter-mile or less, dense fog along the coast as well and the fog will be an issue overnight as well. reducing visibility into tomorrow morning. radar shows a few areas of drizzle especially southeastern massachusetts, getting reports of light showers and new hampshire. the heavy rain down for southwest, goal line continues to march into new england the next couple of hours. hour by hour forecast, 1 pm, some of the heavy rain starting to push into the berkshires, showers spread across eastern massachusetts. by 3 pm arriving in boston. keep your umbrella throughout the evening, 7 pm pockets of heavy showers especially along islands. steady rain to the north, 10 pm as to the heavy rain will push out, a few straggling showers
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morning looking okay. looking pretty dry. areas the fog the main concern for friday morning commute. friday afternoon, showers left over on the cayman islands, the rest of us enjoying a mild afternoon with partly sunny skies. projected rain for the next 24 hours as we head into friday, a quarter of an inch to three quarters. official rain, we do need. maeso get it as -- all want to get rid of it by the weekend. 48 in boston, 50, nash with 39, hour by hour forecast, temperatures hold in the upper 40s and low 50s for the rest of the day into the evening. highs today topping off in some spots upper 40s and low 50s. overnight rain comes to an end after midnight, areas of patchy fog and 47 for the low. 7 day forecast looking ahead to the weekend, if you start the weekend friday 50 degrees, partly sunny skies. it becomes breezy, saturday the
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high of 39 and a chance of flurries sunday. 40 degrees the patriots game not too bad. monday dry, 50, tuesday 58, and christmas eve and christmas day degrees. >> it is what it is. >> still ahead, it is happen to all of us, we stay up late and watch something. >> we try to instead we doze off on the couch. a new invention to put the paws on netflix. we will explain next.
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right now star wars fans are counting down the hours until the force awakens. is finally released tonight pumped about it. >> i know you are. less than 7 hours to go until showtime, some diehards fans are celebrating in style. theaters across the country including amc on boston commons are in the middle of a star wars marathon. started at 1 am, to see all of the star wars films ending with the premiere of the force awakens at 7 clock. the newest moving the franchise has already received
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some state better than the return of the jedi. it takes place after her -- 30 years after the end of the empire strikes back, and has characters. not everyone can see the tonight. >> of course, if you're wondering how to avoid it. group -- google chrome browser it removes comments, descriptions of the film, website, social media an iphone if you have it has an app, and you can set to block anything you want including spoilers for tv shows and the score of the patriots game. spoiler alert, if you haven't watched last night survivor fram -- finale, turn on the volume, close your eyes, take moment. >> cambridge firefighter jeremy
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>> christmas came early for collins and his wife fell, pregnant with her 3rd child cambodia. she knows how or how he fought his victory. last year. time glad he won. >> it happened to a lot of us, you binge watch something and fall asleep on the couch. >> netflix has a flutist -- has a solution called smart socks. accelerometer. detects when you fall asleep and pauses what you are watching. unfortunately we won't see this in stores. netflix released a tutorial on how to make the socks. i know what i will get you for christmas. you to write? -- you also right? >> one man's and credible
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that now have -- has hundreds of families celebrating. -- one man's incredible gesture for the holiday season celebrating.
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>> one of his helpers is to walmart layaway area and
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of everyone's gifts, $79,000. what a great thing to do. keep your eyes to the sky, get your umbrella out for rain this afternoon. have a great day.
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